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I must pause to say a sincere, heartfelt THANK YOU for all that you do. For not bending when the winds rush your way. For speaking up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. For fully acknowledging that intactivism is a necessary component of gentle birth, human rights, and even of women's health. It is such an honor to have your site as one that I am able to send clients/friends/family to and never worry that they will get myths/misconceptions, or that they will be left hanging with a lack of information (as is ubiquitously the case today). Simply, thank you. For who you are and all that you do. The world is truly a better place because of you!

Danelle Frisbie
Washington, D.C.
Danelle's Blog...
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You're the one...
keep up the good fight for us all, past and future.

In the present you've been there for all the caring, thinking mothers who wanted more, and because of you, got it.

I'm honoured to know you, to be able to say I know you well enough to love ya...

Dorell Meikle 
Owner, Small Planet Health Foods, Former La Leche League Leader, Mother of 4, Grandmother, Activist with Raging Grannies
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Gloria Lemay has been such a leader out on the West coast of Canada, she has stretched the boundaries of what is possible in birth and what we define as normal. When we rule the world she should get a medal and a huge pension.

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“I love you to the bones and back. To the moon and back. To the universe and beyond and back, and even MORE than that doubled and gazillioned.”

Nancy Wainer Cohen, midwife and author of “Silent Knife” and “Open Season”


Dress code for class, clinic and Birth Attendance

Keep in mind that you are a health professional in training. Pay attention to personal grooming. Clean teeth, skin, fingernails, and hair at all times. Avoid strong scents/perfumes. Wear a deodorant/anti-perspirant that is effective. Hairy legs and armpits are to be covered by clean clothing.

Think about other health professionals that you admire and take your cues in presentation from them e.g. a registered massage therapist, an optometrist, a physiotherapist.

Clothes may be casual but they should coordinate and be clean and pressed. This way of dressing is sometimes called “business casual”.

Professional dressing is done with an eye to making others feel comfortable with your look. Symbols from your religion or philosophy i.e. cross, goddesses, Star of David, etc. are not to be displayed during your class/work hours. Please cover tattoos; remove body piercings that are visible (other than simple earrings).

Shoes—closed toes and heels and in good repair, shined.

Pants—no blue jeans, well-fitting

Skirts—long enough that you can bend over and maintain your dignity

Lingerie (e.g. bra straps) and evening wear are not appropriate attire. Tank tops or low neck lines are not to be worn.

I don’t expect you to go out and buy new outfits to wear to class. One look that is simple and works is a pair of leggings and a plain, short sleeved T-shirt that is loose and falls below the hip. Jogging suits with runners and socks are also fine.

“Little girl” looks diminish your power as a midwife e.g. pigtails, dungarees, puffy sleeves.

If you have questions about dressing as a professional, please feel free to call me at any time. I am interested in your professional success and there is only one opportunity for you to make a good first impression on a client.

Gloria Lemay
(604) 737 7063


Advisory Board Member of the International Cesarean Awareness Network.

1997 Nominee for the Vancouver YWCA "Woman of Distinction Award" in Health.



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