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I must pause to say a sincere, heartfelt THANK YOU for all that you do. For not bending when the winds rush your way. For speaking up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. For fully acknowledging that intactivism is a necessary component of gentle birth, human rights, and even of women's health. It is such an honor to have your site as one that I am able to send clients/friends/family to and never worry that they will get myths/misconceptions, or that they will be left hanging with a lack of information (as is ubiquitously the case today). Simply, thank you. For who you are and all that you do. The world is truly a better place because of you!

Danelle Frisbie
Washington, D.C.
Danelle's Blog...
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You're the one...
keep up the good fight for us all, past and future.

In the present you've been there for all the caring, thinking mothers who wanted more, and because of you, got it.

I'm honoured to know you, to be able to say I know you well enough to love ya...

Dorell Meikle 
Owner, Small Planet Health Foods, Former La Leche League Leader, Mother of 4, Grandmother, Activist with Raging Grannies
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Gloria Lemay has been such a leader out on the West coast of Canada, she has stretched the boundaries of what is possible in birth and what we define as normal. When we rule the world she should get a medal and a huge pension.

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“I love you to the bones and back. To the moon and back. To the universe and beyond and back, and even MORE than that doubled and gazillioned.”

Nancy Wainer Cohen, midwife and author of “Silent Knife” and “Open Season”


Right across Canada, provincial governments are regulating and licensing midwives in an effort to respond to consumer demand for gentler, kinder obstetric practices. Like many government programs, the midwifery movement is losing its alternative nature and becoming more and more like the medical model it was supposed to replace.

Instead of truly opening up choice for women - grown women who chose to get pregnant, chose to stay pregnant and then choose to give birth naturally without medications - the regulation of midwifery has created yet another controlled member of the medical monopoly on caring. 

Women across the country are seeking yet another alternative.

Birth assistants, doulas, labour coaches, private birth attendants... there are many names for the women who are emerging to take up the alternative role. Now, the same tactics that were used to keep the midwives down - legal action, ridicule, accusations of ignorance -  are being used to suppress the new alternative birth caregivers.

Please visit my blog. I’ll be posting all that’s new about natural birth, breastfeeding, childcare and other womanly matters.

News and views from childbirth activist Gloria Lemay:

  • holistic education of midwives and doulas
  • keeping baby boys intact
  • homebirth
  • breastfeeding
  • health & wellness

I am a contributing editor of Midwifery Today Magazine, an Advisory Board member of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), and a keynote speaker at childbirth conferences, travelling throughout North America teaching midwifery. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Thank you Gloria for all your work.
I was deeply moved by your words on the front page of your website. I'm a Labour coach currently living in Denmark, soon moving to Iceland. Support from midwives here is little and far between. But then again, Denmark and Iceland don't have many midwives, but institutions full of medwives.

Thank you, I really needed the support in your written words. Feel free to check out my website, the most beautiful pictures of my pregnant colleague, taken in Africa.

Hilsen / Regards
Eydís Hentze


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